The Give Me series update!

Guess what! The badass brigade is getting a makeover!!!!
I’m so excited about this! The new covers have been updated. They’re edgier, darker, and whole lot sexier. You’re going to love them, I promise you.

If you LOVE the current covers, they are now limited edition. So if you want signed paperbacks with these covers (for an upcoming book signing I’m attending or just in general), you need to let me know!!
You can either order them via this link:
You can just shoot me an email

If you’re thinking you want the paperbacks for the new covers then hold off on any paperback purchases until they’re ready to be rolled out.
Thank you! xo

PS Here is a little sneak peek.
PPS YES!!! I am writing Give Me Hell right now and I’m so excited about this book. It’s a little different then what you are used to when it comes to this merry brigade of troublemakers, but it’s awesome all the same, because Mac and Jake have a long history that needs to be shared. No release date yet. I will post here on my blog and all social media when I do, so be sure not to miss it by keeping up with my posts!

GML NEW Cover 1c


3 thoughts on “The Give Me series update!

  1. I am anxiously awaiting Mac and Jake’s story. Really any idea or time frame about when we can expect the realease? Summer? Fall? Christmas?

  2. Your books were the first ebooks I enjoyed some years ago. In fact I have all your books! Some have been read more than twice.. I hope with abathing breath Mac’s story will still come this year. All the best to you.

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