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OMG I’M SO EXCITED TO FINALLY HAVE THIS BOOK UP ON PREORDER FOR YOU ALL! Let’s start with the links, and then I can move on to other matters.

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Phew! Now all those internet hieroglyphics have been dispensed, I can speak freely.

I’ve been told I’m a little bit insane offering up this book at 99c. It’s a 433 page book, and it took me a year to write. A YEAR OF MY LIFE and my work being sold off at 99c. Granted there was time off in there for personal breaks. It’s been a difficult year. Some of you may know, some of you may not, that I lost my mother while writing this story, and I also lost someone else as well (not to a death, but it feels in the same manner), and it meant putting the release date back by five whole months. That being said, I’ve dedicated this book to my mother. The ache of her loss is still as sharp today, as the day she passed away.

During that time I received from some very not nice letters from readers expressing their anger in relation to my delay (and really, isn’t there enough hate in the world without adding more to it?).
To those readers I ‘lost’ during the writing of this book, I’ll tell you that some things are more important in life than getting your hands on a book instantly.That patience is a virtue (or so my Gran always told me, God bless her sweet little soul). And that it’s better to get an authors work that is done to the best of their ability, rather than something half-assed in order to meet a deadline.

And I’m getting to my point I promise you. I finally finished that book, and I’m throwing a corny cliche out there (and for that I sincerely apologise), but it feels like this book is something I CAN be proud of, and something that’s been born from the ashes of a horrific year, a year that I’m not trying to put behind me, but a year I’m trying to learn and grow from. It’s also been a year that readers have stuck by me, patiently telling me they’d wait for my book for as long as it takes to write it, and that humbles me, makes me a bit teary, and it fills me with pride, mothertrucking PRIDE, because I have the best readers in the world. I also have a wonderful network of author friends and bloggers in the industry who’ve kept me sane, and who have made me smile, and have made me realise that no one ever figures out this living thing anyway, so lets just embrace it and enjoy it for what it is.

But now that ARCs have been unleashed on the world and preorders are being made (and thank you so much for being a part of this with me!), I’ve been FULL of self-doubt. Why can I never quite believe in myself enough to have confidence in what I do, and who I am? I’ve received some exciting, glowing, five star reviews. I’ve also been told this is the best work I’ve ever done. That this book is gritty, and real, and it’s full of heart and love, and laughter and that it’s made them FEEL (and OMG seriously, are you all for real? I know in my mind you are, but my heart struggles to wrap its little feelings around what I’m being told). And heck, the whole premise behind this book is about learning to believe in yourself. How can I write about that if I can’t put it in practice myself? But I’ve since realised I do believe in myself. I DO. Writing books has always been my dream, and here I am writing them, aren’t I? Doesn’t that mean I believe in myself enough to try? Damn right, it does!

Do you believe in yourself enough to do something you’ve always wanted to do?

I want everyone to read this book. I want them to know that the road to believing in yourself can be easy, or it can rocky as f#*k, and full of a million obstacles (some of them painful lessons to be learned), but if you truly believe in who you are, you WILL TRY. That is what this book is about. THAT is why I’m releasing it at 99c. I want readers to pick this book up, immerse themselves in the story, and come out of it knowing that they (YOU) need to do something for YOU and believe that you CAN do it. Or at least believe in yourself enough to try. Because that is all we can do, and I’m a damn sight prouder saying that I tried, rather than saying I gave up at the first hurdle because that hurdle was a bit high and I couldn’t quite get my short, stubby legs over it.

And now that I’ve finished sounding like a motivational speaker, I will leave you alone to enjoy your day/night, and tell you to get your copy now. It’s a special release price only and won’t stay 99c for long.

Much love
Kate xo

Here are some lovely teasers for those of you who managed to read this far.


The End Game - Teaser 1


11 thoughts on “Preorder THE END GAME now at 99c

  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve always wanted to write and have been thinking more lately about giving it a shot. Your post inspires me to do just that. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. Your best work is definitely more important than meeting a deadline.

  2. Just read this Kate, and more power to you for being you….I have loved every book you’ve written so far…the way you write allows me, the reader, to believe that each character could be someone I know, is truly special…..don’t even let any of the haters hate so much that you lose yourself and the special ability you have to bring joy to others. I will continue to follow your career as long as I can read, and after that, I will listen to audiobooks to keep up!!

  3. You are amazing Kate McCarthy and never ever doubt that. Whether its a month, a year, two years, it will be absolutely worth the wait. Through heartbreak we find a strength we never knew existed and when you doubt that strength you have people that will share theirs with you.
    I wish you every success my friend.

  4. You are amazing Kate McCarthy and never ever doubt that. Whether its a month, a year, two years, it will be absolutely worth the wait. Through heartbreak we find a strength we never knew existed and when you doubt that strength you have people that will share theirs with you.
    I wish you every success my friend.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You are right there are things in life that are far more important than deadlines. Shame on those who claim to love your books then treat you this way. I am a big fan of your writing and hope to read more in the future . I only wish I had such talent and appreciate what it must take to believe in yourself to do this.

  6. Hi. I was thrilled to pre order on Amazon ca yesterday. $1.31 up here. But for a new, Kate McCarthy book, I’m doing a happy dance.

    Roll on September 8th!!

    Congratulations on your new book

    Shirley Wilkinson

    Sent from my iPad


  7. I don’t really know how to start off with this.. but you are AWESOME… A year back my friend recommended me your name and poof.. being a book worm that i am.. i devoured them all. Loved Give Me Grace.. then you announced about The End Game… I was freaking excited and still am.. I am so sorry for the loss and terrible year that you had.. what you posted right now.. Full on raw and the truth.. After reading this I realized that it is not just any reader’s job to read books.. but to patiently wait and support the author…( so with you ☺)
    So I pray that you have an awesome year and professionaly and personally… And as a very excited reader I am dying to get my hands on The End Game…
    P.S- sorry if this was too long..

  8. I’ve never read one of your books but this post is fantastic! The End Game caught my interest and I want to buy it but now I want to wait for the price to go up because I want you to HAVE ALL THE MONEY! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post. Can’t wait to get to know your writing!

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