Prologue – The End Game

I’m deep into edits with The End Game and looking forward to announcing the release date once the book gets to my editor. After an extended 6 month leave from writing, this book has been a long time in coming! It is a lengthy book so be prepared for this read to take some time!
Thanks to you all for your patience. For those interested, I’ve attached the prologue below (UNEDITED) for a special preview. Hope you all enjoy it. I CANNOT WAIT to share Brody and Jordan’s journey with you, and it is just that. An epic journey full of great high’s and the worst of lows, but through it all their love for each other never wavers, and their strength and determination have inspired me.
Love Kate xo

Read here (18+ recommended) —-> The End Game Prologue

The End GameFINAL-high


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