Fighting Redemption Update

I don’t really know how to start this post :/
And fair warning, there might be a bit of sappy stuff.
Fighting Redemption, to me, is like the little book that could, and it just keeps on giving. I’m coming up close to a year since it was published, and to this day I still get readers messaging me, emailing, and tweeting about Ryan and Fin’s story. Gosh. It’s humbling. And then I wake up to an email from Goodreads, saying “Dear Kate, This is the email we know you’ve been waiting for all year: Your book has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award! The Goodreads Choice Awards are the only major book awards decided by readers. We poured over statistics from the 275 million books added, rated, and reviewed on Goodreads in 2014 to select 15 nominees in 20 different categories ranging from Historical Fiction to Humor to Cookbooks.”

So, just to clarify Goodreads. No. No this was DEFINITELY NOT the email I’ve been waiting for all year because it was never in my realm of possibilities this book would even touch the specialness that is a nomination for BEST ROMANCE in the Goodreads Choice Awards for 2014.
And did you read that? They (Goodreads) poured over statistics from the 275 million books added, rated and reviewed on Goodreads in 2014 and selected 15 books in the Best Romance category. FIFTEEN BOOKS! and one of them IS MINE! And it’s thanks to all of you, for rating and reviewing this book. YES, RATING AND REVIEWING DOES MATTER!
When I woke up this morning, my friends were messaging me, and I was messaging them, and we’re all like…

And I’m looking at that list, and I’m seeing JR Ward. JR WARD! I’ve been reading her books since forever, because they are awesome, and there’s Fighting Redemption, sitting next to one of her books, and I’m sitting there, looking at my book on the nomination screen and I’m scratching my head, and I’m thinking yeah, you all know you must have made a mistake putting my book there, right?
Not to mention Colleen Hoover, and Mia Sheridan, and Sylvain Reynard, and K Bromberg and more. The majority being NYT Bestselling Authors.

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported Fighting Redemption. Writing Ryan and Fin’s story broke my heart and put it all back together, and gave me a huge sense of achievement. Something that I can proud of for the rest of my life. And I want to say that just being NOMINATED is a big deal. Just…huge. Just…Wow.
If you want to vote for my book, click here.
If you haven’t yet read Fighting Redemption, you can purchase the ebook here.




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