Give Me Grace is LIVE!

Casey is cocky, flirty, and waaaaaay sexy, and he’s waiting to hit your kindles right now because…..

Here are the links for purchase:

Amazon US ➜
Amazon UK ➜
Amazon CA ➜
Amazon AU ➜


Unfortunately there is a delay with publishing to iTunes, Kobo and B&N. I’m trying to get it sorted ASAP and will post links when Give Me Grace goes live on these platforms 🙂

I will also post when paperbacks are available.

Give Me Grace Amazon Ebook


Jensen Adorable

Give Me Grace Teaser 6


6 thoughts on “Give Me Grace is LIVE!

  1. LOVED Give Me Grace! I read the first two Give Me books a couple months ago and was anxiously awaiting Casey’s story. I could not put it down and have to admit I did a skim read because I had to know what was on the next page. I will go back and really read it in a couple days. I can’t wait for the next book. Who is next? Jake and Mak? Mitch? Henry? Kelly?

  2. Any further idea when Give Me Grace will be available on the Nook? I’m dying to read it! I loved the first two books!

  3. Ok I just finished the three. Give Me books in three days!! I absolutely loved this series so damn much! They ripped at my heart and made me feel more than I could even believe. These badass sexy men are more than I can take……but I will! I found your books by reading Fighting. Redemption and that book gave me the biggest book hangover and I sobbed reading it and loved every word. These books had me wanting more and more and flipping pages at rapid speed like an addiction. I can’t wait for the next story! When will you announce the next book I need it desperately!! Thank you for these stories they are amazing😊

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