Give Me Grace Update

I’ve been overrun with messages and emails asking me “Where the hell is my Casey?”

Well, rest assured he is about. I know the tentative release date for Give Me Grace was January 2014 BUT (eeeeekkkk don’t hit me) due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m now WAY BEHIND schedule.
You should all know that Casey’s book is under construction as I type this AND I have a cover!!!! It will be revealed shortly, along with the new release date. Just trust me when I say there is a bit of pressure (from me) to get Casey’s story right and I want to be sure I give it my full focus and the justice it deserves. I want this story to perfect for you guys.

Promise I’m doing this right now.


Typing Furiously


I will announce the release date as soon as I have it available.
Thanks for your patience. Here is an excerpt of Give Me Grace (unedited and subject to copyright and change):

I’d only just arrived at Jared and Evie’s house for their Sunday barbecue before I was back in the car with Travis and on our way to the airport. Frog, the bass guitarist with Evie’s band, had been in a car accident on the way to their place. The outcome was a broken arm. With the band playing at the awards ceremony that night, it wasn’t looking good for their big night. Mac was frothing at the mouth from stress, Quinn looked ready to pass out, and Evie was greener than she was yesterday.

Arriving to the chaos had come as no surprise. The Jamieson and Valentine clan might have been my family, and don’t get me wrong, when everything was good with them, it was like the stars aligned and shimmery fairy dust fell from the heavens, but when it went to shit, it went there via the seventh circle of hell.

Taking that into consideration, offering to collect their replacement guitarist from the airport with Travis had seemed like a good idea, until Travis opened his mouth about last night.

“You and Morgan?”

I shook my head in answer, focusing my attention on driving rather than explaining myself.

“Was she the one that went home with you on Friday night? You’re seeing her now?”

“Calm the fuck down, Trav.” Stopping at a red light, I turned to face him. “If we’re going to have a gossip session about my night out, maybe we should start with the outfit I chose first before discussing whether I put out or not.”

The light turned green and I accelerated, satisfied when the small burst of speed left the traffic behind me scrambling to catch up. The deflection would only work for so long. Travis and Coby had seen Morgan last night when I answered the door. The suggestive gleam in her eye and the overexposure of skin left no doubt to her intentions. Between that and the damn sex shop bag on the counter, there was no doubt I’d been on board with those intentions.

“So?” Travis waved his hand. “What did you wear then?”

Smug sonofabitch.

“Fine.” My hands tightened on the steering wheel as I hit Sydney’s M1 freeway and opened the car up. “I fucked her, okay? I may plan on doing it again. Do I need to check every potential fuck with you first and get your approval in duplicate?”

“You know what? Yes. You fucking do if you’re gonna pull shit like this. We have contracts with the Government that includes the damn Sydney Police. Our firm doesn’t need you going and poking your cock into the middle all of that. There is no doubt we will be dealing with her in an official capacity, and if she gets your customary brush off, because I’ve never seen you with someone more than once so this in itself is already so far out of your character you may as well be a pod person right now, then how are we supposed to trust her to have our backs? What is it, Casey, you like her that much she’s worth that kind of hit?”

Travis took a deep breath. He sat there fuming in the passenger seat, waiting for my answer as I negotiated through the traffic and took the airport exit off the motorway. I didn’t have one. Well, not one that wouldn’t give away my intentions, so I kept my mouth shut.

“If you’re just looking to get laid, find someone else,” he muttered, unable to leave it alone.

Reaching the domestic terminal of Sydney airport, I found a spot and parked the car. Turning off the ignition, I sat back in my seat and took a deep breath as I stared out the windshield. Travellers were moving at a rapid pace, wheeling their suitcases through the cars and over the pedestrian crossings.

“I’m not just looking to get laid. That’s the problem.”

Travis furrowed his brows. “I don’t get it.”

Yanking the keys, I got out of the car. Travis followed and I beeped the locks, shoving the keys in my jeans pocket. “She works homicide now,” I reminded him as we strode towards the building entrance.

After a moment, he mumbled, “Ah hell.”

The pileup of cars waiting for pedestrians to cross was long. We both jogged over the crossing and towards the front doors. They whooshed open, emitting cool air as we strode inside.

“Let it go, Casey. It’s in the past. You can’t change it or fix it and getting Morgan involved is going to make it all worse.”

Anger burned in my chest. I grabbed his bicep, effectively halting him, and looked him in the eye. “Fuck you, Trav.” My jaw ticked as I fought to lock the resentment down. “It’s not that simple. How can I let go when I’ve lost everything already? If I had answers, then maybe I…”

I, what? Could move on? Forgive myself?

“You could what?”

I shook my head and starting walking again. “Let’s just collect whoever the hell it is we’re here to collect, okay?”

In tense silence, we arrived at the gate and waited as passengers started flowing out. That was when I saw her walking directly towards us, a guitar case slung casually over her back.

“Holy fuck,” I breathed, standing beside Travis as I took in the deep red tangle of hair flowing down her back and colourful tattoo that wound around the length of her bare arm and shoulder. Tiny black leather shorts displayed long slender legs that strode towards us with purpose. The blood in my veins heated as I fixated on her. My mind immediately had me bending her over from behind, pulling on that wild mass of hair, yanking her head back as I thrust inside her, over and over. “Do you think that’s her?”

Travis checked the photo Quinn messaged through to his phone so we’d recognise who we were collecting. “I think so.”

She appeared oblivious to the people craning their necks to get a second glimpse of her, absorbed in her phone as her finger scrolled down its screen. For a second she glanced up and it was like getting punched in the gut. This girl wasn’t just beautiful—she was shock and awe. Her eyes locked on mine for a split second. They were a wild, stormy blue and immediately I imagined her on her knees, those wide eyes staring up at me as I fucked her mouth.

Who was I kidding? I’d have had her any which way. All I needed was a plan on how to go about it.

I glanced at Travis. “Who is she?”

“Henry’s sister apparently.”

Henry wasn’t just lead guitarist for Jamieson, he was a friend. That instantly turned her from a quick fuck into a complication. Hell hath no fury like a brother protecting the virtue of his little sister. He would hack off my balls with a rusty spoon.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, I silently chanted, reminding myself that I had no business in attempting to build a harem, but my eyes were locked on her and wouldn’t budge. “What did Quinn say her name was?”

Travis checked his phone again. “Grace.”

Grace was… suddenly shouting into her phone. Her bag dropped at her feet as hurt and anger collided violently in her eyes. The abrupt disturbance began attracting attention. The general public gave her a wide berth as they moved past. I heard her shriek, “Two weeks,” into the phone, or it could’ve been, “blue cheeks,” for all I knew–we weren’t standing that close. She took in the airport at a glance and in an unpredictable turn of events, she seized her bag and made a rapid exit. Airport security moved in quickly, following her fleeing form.

My mouth fell open as the scene unfolded before us. “What the fuck was that?”

Travis shot me a look of wide-eyed disbelief. “I have no idea.”

Jensen Alright


Jensen Adorable

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  1. One minute you’re looking for a pic of Chris Hemsworth in his pyjamas to match up with the one of Tom Hiddleston in his pyjamas and make a screen saver, next minute you click on a pic and it brings you here LOL… Gotta say I love your blog, Kate. I might have arrived here by accident but now I’m following!

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