2014 is coming! What is it bringing for my readers?

Well, first off, Merry Christmas!!!
If you are anything like me, you’re probably exhausted after running the gauntlet of Christmas and are now struggling to make it through the day.
Tired Gif 2
And your demon children are busy running loose, ripping up the house and leaving devastation in their wake.
I’m just sitting here, sucking on a wine bottle, feeling numb as I observe the aftermath. The piles of laundry, dirty dishes, toys, fridge exploding with leftovers (here let me take out another bottle of wine to create more space in there), a phone that won’t stop and.. OMG I’m whining (no one likes a whiner…).
Tired Gif 5
Somehow I think I’ll be waiting a long time for the housekeeping fairy.

So the year is almost done. I’ve released three books to show for it. Am happy about that. I’m proud of my little books that could. But it leads me into the big question for 2014….

Now What Gif

Merrick is coming! Link to GR:

“Soon you’ll learn not to feel fear. One day, Tait Jeremiah Merrick, you will be the one people fear.”
Merrick, 2014.

Casey is coming! Link to GR:

‘Something ran deep beneath the surface of his beauty. Even I could see that. Something that made me want to chill the bitch factor, hold him tight and tell him if he was mine, I’d never let go, but I couldn’t do that and he looked a bit like he needed someone to do that.’
Give Me Grace, 2014.

What else? *shrugs*
I haven’t decided. The title of the next book in the Give Me series will be announced (who is it going to be – Henry or Mac?) so I’ll also be starting on that. Stay tuned.

So today I get to sit around all day in my pyjamas (really no different to any other day) while hubs takes our ferals swimming. I’ll push some of the rubble aside to clear a space so I can sit down and type, or maybe I’ll just sit outside where I don’t have to see it.
Or maybe I’ll just do this…
Tired Gif 1Can you sense a theme here?
I need sleep.
But I need to write too, so yeah, that’s happening first. Sleep is for the weak!

I somehow feel like this post has lost its way. I’m sorry.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and managed to squeeze in reading some really awesome books!


4 thoughts on “2014 is coming! What is it bringing for my readers?

  1. Hi Kate. Just wanted to say thank you for an AWESOME book … just finished reading “Fighting Redemption” as of literally half an hour ago … on my way to the bonus material as we speak. So, yes, thanks again for a brilliant read … not though for the ugly face crying at 2 o’clock this morning!!! But what a ride you took me on!! Definately a new fan and can’t wait to read more of your work.

  2. I actually won all three of your books in a giveaway. I’ve read Give Me Love and Give Me strength . Great books. Can’t wait to see everyone else find their HEA. I now on Fighting Redemption….omg..I can’t tell you how many times I’vecried during this book and I’m not even half way through yet. Lol. Still a great book they are both just fighting their feelings for each other. Thank you for writing for us!!!!

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