Bonus Chapter for Fighting Redemption. It’s happening folks…


Release day has come and gone and I’m a mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted pile of human remains.
First off I want to say thank you to my readers. To the ones who’ve read my Give Me series, you all know this is a departure from my usual and I feared the worst, but I guess that was silly, because you all stuck by me. To my new readers (and old), ugh. You’ve all made me ugly cry (so you got your own back) with your posts, comments, personal emails, and personal messages. I’ve got them coming out the wahzoo and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so touched, thrilled and overwhelmed and promise to respond to all of you as quickly as I can.

Thank you.
Ugly cry hug

I also thought, ‘what can I do? Giveaways are coming out readers ears right now with Christmas only moments away. What’s something really special that I can show readers how much I appreciate them?’

Excited leap gif

Let’s revisit the story and a few more extra special moments. So yeah. It’s happening. Stay tuned. If you want to listen to the playlist (which I played over and over while writing this story until I could’ve puked because I love all the songs that much), you’ll find it on Spotify —->
Fighting Redemption

ALSO, don’t forget the BLOG TOUR is still running. Make sure you enter the giveaway. Seriously. Win Ryan’s dog tags, signed paperbacks and Amazon gift cards! —->

And if you missed my guest post on Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, here’s a snippet. You can find the full version via the above link:
“Writing about war wasn’t easy. I researched. A lot. And my heart broke over and over at the stories I read. It made me hurt, and it made me feel, and I tried to pour all those feelings onto the page so I could share them with my readers. I want them to feel what I felt. The Australian SAS are notoriously private men, so hearing their stories are rare, and even though Fighting Redemption is a work of fiction, I’ve tried to inject as much truth into my characters as possible.
They make mistakes, and they laugh and yell, fight and cry, and they live through a war the best way they can. They accept things they don’t want to happen, learn what they don’t want to know, and let go of what they can’t live without. It’s not perfect, but it’s real.”

So I’ll leave you now with this:

Bonus chapter

and as soon as I have it ready for you (because this little baby IS going to my beta’s AND my editor) I will let you know, but I’m aiming for 16 December. So keep your eyes peeled!
Coming soon


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