Give Me Strength Blog Tour has kicked off! Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Yep. That’s right.

Over here in Oz I released another book, pinging it off into cyberspace for your eyeballing pleasure. Now we all get to sit back and see what your Book Blogger Oracles think of it by running this FAB BLOG TOUR for GIVE ME STRENGTH.

Book Blog Tours are usually frought with danger. Dodging wild, kickass reviews will give you whiplash, but don’t fear, I’ll be sure to post them ALL on my page, ensuring you get smacked in the face with them every day. My only question is – will you stick with me through it all?
Here with youI hope so. Stick with me. I’ll give you signed paperbacks. I’ll give you ebooks. I’ll even give you an epic cold hard Amazon gift card worth $100 smackeroonies. Unfortunately what I CAN’T give you that everyone is clamouring for – is a Travis and Casey sandwich. And if I could, there’s already quite a line up for these two members of the Badass Brigade so expect lots of hair pulling, back stabbing, eye gouging, teeth gnashing fights to get past my editor and beta readers to win the coveted first place in line.

“Wow McCarthy!” I hear you say. “You’re offering us up so much, so after I bitch slap you silly for not giving us that sandwich, I shall bow down to your awesomesauce.”

But wait. I’m not finished yet.

I have cast photos, excerpts, I have Quinn’s Peanut Butter and White Choc Chip Cookie RECIPE (YES!!!!!) and I also have ALTERNATE POVs written just for you. From Travis AND Casey.

Joy Jumping

Read them. Just read them.

So yeah, that’s it for now. I know I’ve forgotten to tell you something but that’s just the kind of person I am. I’m the distracted twat who does things like puts the milk in the dishwasher, my handbag in the fridge, and can never find my car keys meaning I’m always running late.

Here’s the link to the rafflecopter:

“So where’s our alternate POVs, bitch?” I hear you ask.

Bitch face

Steady on. Relax. Deep breaths.

Here they are. You can find the links to them in this Fab review by the Book Reader Chronicles, okay? I’ll post them again at a later date just in case.

What else? Oh yeah, here is the link to buy Give Me Strength:

Feel free to buy it and yeah, review, and if you want to tell me all about it, the good, the bad and the ugly, email me ( or just use the handy contact tab on my blog page. I do respond personally to each message because I love hearing from you and yeah, I am just THAT nice. Sometimes. Mostly. Just catch me on a good day, okay?

Signing off with this, and if you need to ask why, then consider yourself slapped, albeit in a nice, friendly, “I’m not really a bitch” kinda way.

Chris Hemsworth


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