Give Me More – Facebook Group

There is a now a group on Facebook for all things Give Me series related – titled Give Me More!

You can join here!

Why join?
Well you get to chat with me, that’s enough isn’t it??
You also get to see everything before everyone else. Snippets of my current ‘Give Me’ projects, all the details of the blog tour running from May 6-13 in one handy place, teasers, book trailers, cast photos, book cover reveals and more. Also, the book trailer for Give Me Love debuting during the blog tour is already up in the group and you get to see it first and tell me what you think!

So head on over and click on the request to ‘join group’ and either myself or my lovely admin helper Trisha will let you in. She doesn’t bite much – not like Mac anyway 😉

So get over there before I have to get the Supernatural boys to wrestle you there themselves – or maybe you would like that? I would!



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