Signed paperback giveaway!

The girls that I absolutely ADORE (Kimbo and Tam) of Reviews by Tammy and Kim (find them on Facebook here) are giving away a signed paperback of Give Me Love. It’s on! Right this very second!
You can enter the giveaway on their blog here – GO NOW! (it’s open internationally!)
They’ve also done a super FUN Q & A with me you can find in the same post and if you wanted to know who I’d cast as the characters in my book, then you need to read this!!!!

In other news – check out Belladonna’s Book Corner. This girl is awesomesauce and absolutely just violated me with a bunch of filthy 20 Q & As that were too much fun to answer. You can find it here – titled 20 Random Questions with a Crazy Chick Out to Embarrass a Bitch. Seriously, I love this girl.
That’s about it from me. I’m putting my giveaway together so get ready because it’s gonna be hot! I’ll run it as soon as the gorgeous girls above have finished running the paperback giveaway 🙂


I’ll leave you with this for no particular reason other than I miss Friends (and why haven’t I used this excuse before?).
broke fridge


3 thoughts on “Signed paperback giveaway!

  1. I heard there might possibly be a Friends season in 2014 to air! It’s still in the stages of being planned and whether NBC can get the original cast to agree.

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