Just sharing the love…GIVEAWAY!

SO…. when I reach 500 likes on Facebook I’ll be giving away a SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF GIVE ME LOVE!!!!! and also an ebook of Give Me Love – like Kate McCarthy Author on Facebook here!

Okay. I really need to be knuckling down. Blog tour is coming up and I have POVs to write, giveaways to prepare for. First I want to say thanks to everyone who’s given my book a go! Maybe you liked it, maybe you LOVED it, maybe it was a bit ‘meh’ for you. I can understand all of it because hey, it’s written in Australia, by an Australian writer, with Australian words, traditional Australian nicknames and last but not least, includes hot Australian men. So I’m sharing this love of Australian men with you as thanks for you sharing your love of my book with me. Aussiebum is the hottest underwear in Australia and covers some of our finest Aussie men’s bums – namely, the Jamieson and Valentine crew in Give Me Love. Oh and I could have added a lot more pictures but it was getting a bit crowded (and hot) in there so I’ve had to cut it down to just four (sad face).

Aussie Bum a

Oh for the love of… Can someone please get that man on the bottom (pardon the pun) left, a lift? Seriously…

In other news, I don’t really have any. What sort of giveaways would you like to see? Signed paperbacks? A t-shirt of the rock band Jamieson? Amazon giftcard? What do you think of this? Would you want to win it?

Australian Tour Shirt

I know what you’re thinking – “I want a hot Australian aussieBum man, and this bitch is trying to give me books and t-shirts…”
Sorry, but if you want the man, you’ll have to come to Australia. They even parachute in their aussieBum undies down here, no lie, see? I have PROOF!
Aussiebum 8

Anyway, if you really loved my book Give Me Love and posted a review on Goodreads, I’d be super excited and thankful if you could take the time to share that on Amazon – even just a copy and paste. I might not be able to give  you a big pash for it because I live too far away (thank GOD I hear you say) but imagine it in spirit okay? 😉

Wanna drop me an email? a private message? a public message? I’ll reply. Stay tuned because there WILL be more giveaways coming your way and there will be more than enough to go around!

Kate xo

P.S. No hot Aussie men have been harmed in the making of this blogpost and no money (or men unfortunately) has changed hands between aussieBum and myself.


34 thoughts on “Just sharing the love…GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would love a signed book, but I live in the UK and not many giveaways are open internationally, so Ebooks or gift cards are the next best thing. If you can send the aussiebum guy, that would be bonza mate 😉

  2. Joanne – the paperback will be international 🙂
    And if I get my hands on an aussieBum man then I get first dibs – just sayin’ 😉 – thought I’m not sure my husband would be impressed…

  3. oh I love living in Australia – just a shame none of the AussieBum men live in my town – in fact nobody looking anything like them live in my little town!

    Love all of the above – signed books, Amazon cards, and loooooove the Jamieson shirt. I am pretty easy to please!!

  4. It is nice of you to ask us what you want. But i am not picky so i would like anything i am able to win that you pick out

  5. I LOVE signed paper backs!!! ebooks are the next best thing so I can at least read it lol and Amazon gift cards are wonderful because I can buy the book if I don’t win it!! I would prolly pee my pants though if I won a signed copy! Just saying 😉

  6. I am not sure if my post went through but it’s not showing so here it is again…..Signed paper back for sure!! Then ebook because if I can’t win the paper back then at least I can read it somehow. Amazon gift cards are great because I can buy the book at least lol but I collect autographed books when I really love the book. So if I won the paper back I’d freak!! 😉

  7. Imagine the response if I put an aussieBum man in the giveaway? I think my internet would keel over and die. If I did have one, I wouldn’t be putting him in the giveaway – just sayin’ 😉
    A little over a 100 people to go till 500 likes is reached. Tell everyone! I wanna give away some STUFF!
    Kate x

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