Happy Easter Teaser!


Happy easter!







HUGE thank you to those who’ve read Give Me Love and taken the time to post a review and send through their personal messages. KEEP THEM COMING – they only help me write just that much faster.

Here is a little Easter special of Quinn and Travis – a small teaser of Give Me Strength for you all! (add it on Goodreads here)

“You smoke?” I said disapprovingly.
“Don’t say anything to Jared will you? He’d pitch a shit fit. I only have a few a year, that’s all, when I need to think.”
Oh, well I guess that wasn’t so bad.
“What do you need to think about?”
The cigarette glowed red as he inhaled and his eyes lowered heatedly.
“You sure you wanna know the answer to that question?”
This should be the moment of escape, but I was frozen―desperate to know what was going on inside his head. Then I met his eyes and realised that making like an ostrich and burying my head in the sand was definitely the safer alternative.
“Uh, maybe not,” I squeaked out when I felt his hand come to rest on my knee as I stood next to him.
I trembled slightly at the touch as he reached over with his other hand to put his cigarette out. He shifted back to me, looking up at me from his seated position.
“I remember, Quinn, how you felt underneath me.”
My stomach pitched at his words and his hand smoothed around to the back of my knee and slowly ascended the back of my thigh.
Oh my God.
It was like a stealth attack. This man was sneaky, putting the image in my head of how it had felt to have his hot body crushing me into his bed.
His gaze hit my lips, still slick with hot pink lipstick.
“I remember how sweet you taste.”
I swallowed hard.
His hand slid up my bare skin, under the skirt of my dress to reach dangerously close the lace edge of my knickers.
“I know this body intimately so make no mistake that I want it again.”
His fingers began tracing light circles on the bare skin at the top of my thigh and I bit my lip to stop the moan that was making its way up my body.
I backed up as he stood and he put his hands on my hips to pull me flush against his body.
“How is it that I know all that,” his eyelids lowered as his gaze skirted my cleavage dangerously. “[…….spoiler removed……..], you work for my sister, and yet I don’t know you at all. I just want to give you fair warning that I plan on rectifying that.”
I sucked in a breath as he leaned down, not so far this time thanks to the skyscrapers on my feet, and whispered against my lips. “That, Quinn, was what I was thinking about.”
He let go of my hips and stepped away and I shivered from the sudden chill the absence of his body caused.
I tried to find my voice.
“I ahh, don’t date.”
“Quinn,” he said patiently, “don’t think that’s gonna stop me.”

In other news, I think I’ve been a bit out of the loop. Am I the only one who didn’t know that Sherrilyn Kenyon has been a busy lady and Styxx is coming? STYXX people. My GOD. Added to my Goodreads yesterday. Booyah!



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