Countdown is on…..

So by now you probably know I wrote a book. And that the due date for release is March 15, 2013. Well the news is that it’s now in the formatting for ebook and print stage. That means for me, I am doing this:

Happy dancing

Yep, the countdown is now on. Fun fact for you, the book ended up finishing at 120k worth of words. Editing was a marathon that had me doing this:

Pass out

What I learned from the whole process of writing a book is the following:

  1. Book bloggers are awesome, enthusiastic book lovers who are nothing but supportive to amateur indie authors.
  2. YOU WILL drink more alcohol and eat more chocolate than during any other time in your life.
  3. You can get your way by threatening people with putting them in your book and killing them off.
  4. That writing is so much fun and if I could do this all day, every day, you’d probably get sick of hearing about my books and be all like, ‘Dang there goes that bitch Kate with another book. Let’s kick her ass, tie her to the ground, cover her in honey and sit back and wait for the ants to arrive – that might give her something new to write about’.
  5. That my friends are super supportive awesome people.
  6. That editing is a BITCH and I really, really don’t like it and if I hear my editor Max say one more time ‘what does this look like?’ I’m gonna do this to her:

Push someone

Anyway, I am now dusting off my hands and passing the batton to my editor to format the MS and get it all prettyfied for my readers. Soon it will be in your hands. When you get it, I am crossing my fingers that you’ll be doing this:

Baby reading

and if you’re not, then I’ll probably be doing a bit of this:

Poker face

So a little bit about me:
I live in Australia. For all my international followers and friends who don’t know the lingo, that means I live ‘down under’ and no I don’t wrestle crocodiles in my spare time because I don’t have any. Crocodiles, that is, not spare time. Brisbane is where I call home, a city on the east coast of Australia and only a nice 1 hour flight away from the Great Barrier Reef (which some of you may have heard of), so yes, it’s a beautiful place. I live with my husband and two kids. I also have two dogs who have made a cameo in my books, so I should probably add them to my acknowledgements for letting me use their embarrassing stories.

A little bit about my book:
This book was written purely for the entertainment factor. It’s got really big highs and some shitty lows, but throughout the story there’s action, there’s a sideline of humour, there is an ass-kicking best friend, a cute dog, a really hot guy (or 6), shopping, singing, a bit of dancing, some awesome car maneouvres, a few concerts, shit loads of wine, a guy who is super awesome, a girl who’s been through more than anyone could possibly deal with and well, there’s still so much more, but I’ll let you read all that to find out.
The basic premise is that Evie has been through A LOT in her life, including a broken heart or two. She is a trouble magnet, it finds her no matter what and after the last straw, she starts dating dorks because she figures she won’t find trouble there. Cue her best friends brother Jared, and oh boy, does he want her! But she’s skittish, and he is so far removed from being a dork that she is all over avoiding him. Trouble is, she makes that a little hard for herself and he makes it hard for her too. But when a stalker wants Evie dead, it lands her in all kinds drama and Jared does his best to keep her safe but well, shit does go down.
The book is quite a roller coaster ride that I hope you will be entertained by.

So this is me signing off (just for you Max):

Jensen Ackles Shrug

And if you like my first book, I can assure you right now that this is me working on my next book in the series:

Mad typing


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