To epilogue or not to epilogue

Okay, here is my question – to epilogue or not to epilogue?
Before you answer, let me explain where I’m coming from:

Give Me Love is the story of Evie Jamieson and Jared Valentine. It is book one of a series.
Give Me Strength is the story of Quinn Salisbury and Travis Valentine (Jared’s older brother). It is book two of the series (to be released mid 2013).

Do readers prefer to read an epilogue, even knowing that they’ll still hear snippets from the characters of the first book in the second book of the series?

I have written one for Give Me Love, but at this stage I haven’t included it because I’m not sure it needs to be there.

I’d be keen to hear readers opinions on the subject of epilogues in books of a series.

Give Me Love


3 thoughts on “To epilogue or not to epilogue

  1. Epilogue, definitely. I think most readers want an epilogue. Even if there is a second book in the series where you catch up with the couple, it isn’t their story being told that time so it isn’t the same.

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