Cover Reveal

Give Me Love

Thank you so much to Sarah at Okay Creations —–>> find her here on Facebook. Sarah did the cover art for Hopeless by Colleen Hoover so I feel rather special that I’ve been given a cover that is equally as beautiful.

Thankfully I was at home and laying down when I first saw its fabulousness because I completely freaked. I kept yelling at my husband to ‘come in here and check this out’ when I tried to have a couple of things varied and then just ended up with the first version that Sarah gave me (new mantra – Sarah is always right). How does she do it I do not know and all I can be is thankful that she was doing it for me. Obviously I immediately booked her in for the cover of my second book ‘Give Me Strength – the story of Quinn Salisbury and Travis Valentine’ so now Sarah can top the first design – no pressure.


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