Sock it to me Colleen Hoover

Twas the night before New Years Eve when it seemed my mind had decided to vacate the premises. Can I blame exhaustion?

The problem was that I just finished reading ‘Hopeless’ by Colleen Hoover. If you haven’t yet heard of this book then you should be ashamed to call yourself an avid book reader.

Maybe if I start from the beginning. That morning I flew in back home from Port Macquarie to Brisbane, having returned from a twenty year high school reunion and yes I can hear you say having to attend that would already be enough to have your mind take a vacation. It was a whirlwind trip and I got to spend two days with my very favourite childhood friend which made it special. What also made it special was to watch us almost re-create the first chapter of my book with the attachment of furry black caterpillar eyelashes. My dear friend had hers done professionally. Me? Pffftt I could do that, no problem. Maybe. Okay, well not. Said friend was SO unimpressed because I was the one that talked her into getting them and then I went out with none at all and my ‘now poor friend’ really wasn’t happy with wearing them, however she DID look amazing. The other specialness was that I managed to get in a fierce argument with the local bouncer (through obviously no fault of my own) which led to a slinging match (doesn’t ‘The Idiots Guide to being a Bouncer’ say never antagonise a drunk? He clearly needed to complete his bachelor degree in bounce management) and finished with the fact that I’m sure I’m no longer welcome in that particular establishment. I would like to say it’s no great loss but that would make me petty, so I won’t say it.

Annnnnnyway, by the time I arrived home after hitting the shops for necessaties, I had to get straight to work (for my cake business). Hubby decided that afternoon to go out for drinkies with his man friends so I was left to work and supervise small children until I dropped into bed that night feeling like I’d just been pooped out the backside of a rather large elephant.

Because I had started reading Hopeless on the flight home, I was itching to get back to it, so I pulled it out, promptly finished it in one sitting and immediately had the sensation I was completely disconnected from reality. Way to go Colleen for leaving me speechless. Yes me! Without speech. Not that I had anyone to talk to but the dog and I had to refrain from posting all about it on Facebook because I can’t do that without giving spoilers. Let’s just say that towards the end, I felt Colleen sock it to me chapter after chapter, until eventually a drained, emotionally charged wreck, I finished the book on the highest of hysterical highs, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, so I bawled like a little baby (in a good way if that is such a thing).

So let me tell you this. Go read the book. Just TRUST ME. There is a reason why there are 684 five star ratings (at time of this post) on Amazon (which is HUGE if you didn’t know) and why it is currently Amazon’s number 1 bestseller right now.

So being the emotionally wrecked twat that I was after having been socked by Colleen, I couldn’t sleep so I turned on the TV. Guess what was on? Seven Pounds with Will Smith. Was I after some punishment? Seems to be so. Midnight found me sobbing until I thought Will Smith wasn’t the only one who was going belly up. Hubby returned not long after (thankfully not a witness to my emotional snot filled drooling shame) and we both passed out in bed.

I woke up the next morning (New Years Eve) feeling as though I had the flu. Tummy rolling, throat clogged, fuzzy head, dizzy spells. This is what happens when you read a really good book.

Way to go Colleen. I am without words when it comes to describing how much I love your books.

Find Hopeless by Colleen Hoover here ——->>


A quick note to say the amazing Sarah at Okay Creations created the cover for this book, the very one who is currently putting my book cover together. Can anyone spell EXCITED!!!!

Congrats to Sarah – she has currently got two books in the New York Times bestsellers list where she has done the book cover artwork.


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