Book cover

Not much done today – bookwise that is. I apologise personally to both Claire and Emma who are likely stamping their feet in juvenile frustration.

However I can confirm that my book cover is coming along in good hands thanks to Sarah at Okay Creations. I couldn’t not choose someone who’s business tagline says ‘a place where the designs are (not) just okay’. Check out her STUFF!/okaycreationsSH?fref=ts (if you want to, no pressure).

So the whole lack of book progress today can solely be blamed upon the person who tries every day to be a better mother (well ‘tries’ might be a bit far-fetched) but the thought of being someone who tries is better than not thinking at all. Confused? Me too. Oh well, at least tonight I could sit back and titter at the thought of pulling the wool over the eyes of my 4.5 yr old daughter who doesn’t eat dinner (I wish I had the ability to turn food away every night). This was because tonight’s fare included the 2 point food policy for feeding small children – wrap it in pastry and smother it in sauce. I watched in smug satisfaction as my daughter took numerous bites out of a sausage roll that included a filling of ground chickpeas, zucchini and carrots. Yay me!

Now I sit here (in the bloody horrible Qld heat) basking in my glory as a mother and procrastinating on the progress of my book (75% edited).

I leave you with this note. Many authors are currently posting videos/photos of where they sit and write so readers can appease their curiosity. This is my work station:


What was that? You don’t believe me?
Oh well, I never claimed I did more than write fiction…. heh heh


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