It seems that my mid life crisis began early, finding me shaking in a corner, sucking on a wine bottle as I rocked to and fro and realised that this is really it. This life where people (random strangers, friends, people of authority, hot guys in uniform – just kidding on that last part but I do live in a world where I can write what I want) announce you only have one of so you best get off your butt and make something of it.

That kind of philsophical, profound hooha used to skim over my head as I busily wiped the bum of my screaming child and prayed for patience. Running out the door for work, one child tucked under each arm like a football, I actually forgot to shut it behind me. No doubt too busy lamenting the weet-bix that was flung with such glee over the work pants I’d carefully ironed at five am that very morning. I subsequently returned home that evening to a wide opened door and thinking us burgled, I could only hope they’d stolen the mountainous pile of dirty and food encrusted toys that littered every surface of the floor.  Alas, all was where it was left that morning, including the weet-bix dried so hard onto the walls that I vowed it would stay there until the melting of the artic arrived (and by then it was still no guarantee that icy floods would shift it).

That’s when I turned to writing. I can see you trying to understand the correlation. Dried weet-bix walls, writing, screaming kids, writing but it’s something I like to call the great escape. If I sit down and write a chapter, I can forget the laundry hasn’t been done and my husband will have to go pantsless to the office the next day, and in doing so, I can take time out for me to do something that has become very dear to my heart.

The correlation is that writing is my own little slice of pie.

My first book, written throughout 2012 will be released in January 2013. I am hoping to keep to this deadline, though forgive me if I run over time because I’ve heard that things like spellcheck and editing make the reading flow much faster for you. Not to mention that editors of my book may spend an eternity making sense of what it is I am actually trying to say. Much like this blog post I suppose.

Also, my second book, Give Me Strength is under way, so look out Travis Valentine because your time is nigh. I’ll include a sneek peak of this book on my blog after Give Me Love has been released.

Looking forward to showing you the cover artwork for my book over the Christmas holidays and if you liked the sneek peak of Evie and Jared’s story, know this, it only gets better from there (so I’m told……)!


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